Big Heed and Alien get & Tipsy at the Clermont

Decatur hip-hop due makes a stop at the Clermont Lounge before taking over the world

Are you tipsy? Big Heed and Alien are gonna get you that way! Recently signed to Jive imprint Battery Records, the Decatur hip-hop duo are about to embark on a national tour that includes several dates opening for Ludacris, in anticipation of their first full-length, The Big Heed and Alien Show (due out this summer).

With Alien beating a live drum set behind MC Big Heed, the duo’s first single, “Tipsy,” is nothing short of animated and unbridled party gratification. The two beat makers met in their youth at church, and when Alien was nixed from the NBA for being too short, they gave music a shot. Heed gives up their reasons for getting started in the clubs, saying, “The motivation came from us being called ugly all of our lives,” he says. “Now we have a chance to show our ugliness. It came from not having anything and making something out of nothing. It came from realizing that impossible is nothing.”

With a heavy touring schedule planned for the future, and prep work on the upcoming album coming along, you probably don’t want to miss this rare night in town with Big Heed and Alien at the Clermont. Because what’s next? “TAKING OVER THE WORLD!” Big Heed adds. “The same thing we do every day and night.”

Big Heed and Alien play the Clermont Lounge. Thurs., March 31 with Machines Are People Too and Stereomonster. $5. 9 p.m. 789 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE, 404-874-4783.