Mojo Vinyl opens in Roswell

Now there’s a reason to hit up Roswell aside from Whirly Ball

Who in their right mind would open a record store in 2011? Rand Cabus that’s who. Mr. Cabus is the proprietor of one Mojo Vinyl, a new record store that opened up May 1 in historic Roswell. Judging by the video he’s got a pretty tight shop up there and is selective with the stock that he carries. I spy a some choice ’60s-’80s rock and new wave joints on the walls: Pil, New Order, lots of Led Zeppelin, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass… Apparently he has a copy of the Rolling Stones’ Their Majesty’s Satanic Request but we think he means Their Satanic Majesties Request ;) … We kid the independent record store owner because we love the independent record store owner, and now there’s a reason to hit up Roswell aside from Whirly Ball.

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