Hear Lil Wayne rap over 500 Days of Summer soundtrack

It's called 500 Days of Weezy


Have you been up all night, mind racing, wondering what a Lil Wayne/Morrissey collab would sound like? Or Weezy and Regina Spektor? Thankfully some anonymous and benevolent soul has come to your rescue. 500 Days of Weezy is a probably unauthorized mash-up (remember those?) of a smattering of the still-incarcerated Wayne's rhymes laid over the tunes from the soundtrack to 500 Days of Summer, a twee little indie flick starring the guy from Death Cab For Cutie's wife and the kid from "3rd Rock From the Sun".

Lil Wayne, heartfelt indie comedies, the Smiths - white people love these things! I should know; I am one. Feast your ears on the most resolutely suburban thing in - ever.

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