Res ruled with Black. Girls. Rock!

Res returned to Atlanta and rocked out at 595 North.


  • Dennis Byron
  • Res

595 North was the site of Saturday night’s Mist Live Concert Series, featuring Sol Factor, Joi, and Res. The venue was set up with tables occupying the center of the establishment, making the scene look more like a dinner club than an alt-soul rock concert. Poet and songstress, Queen Sheba, held down the evening’s hosting duties and shared a song of her own.

Joi went first, dressed in a long one-shoulder black dress, seated beside paramour and Hot Heavy & Bad partner, Devon Lee, to give a flawlessly-funky acoustic rendition of “Lick.” After a brief intermission, Sol Factor hit the stage fronted by vocalist, Stephanie Parker. While their performance was solid, the group seemed out of place as an R&B cover band amongst edgier fare.

I also couldn’t help but think that keeping the main area standing-room-only with limited VIP seating would have raised the energy level of the too-reserved crowd that didn’t fully come alive until the main act. But Res gave them what they came to see.