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2010 A3C Festival and Conference

A3C draws crowds before drawing to a close. A3C always finds a way to top itself.

1286809384 Dsc 0331
Photo credit: Maurice Garland
Rhymefest Preaches To His Flock

We figured most of you were either winding down from Saturday's events yesterday and weren't on a computer, so we saved your final recap of A3C until today.

For what was possibly the most diverse crowd the festival has drawn in its six year existence, Saturday's crowd was probably the most recognizable. Outside stages presented by internet powerhouses 2DopeBoyz and AllHipHop featured artists that have at least been on their own tours, put a number of albums out and might have been on TV already.

Sean Falyon indeed, Be Everywhere""
Photo credit: Maurice Garland

Atlanta underground favorite Sean Falyon rocked the 2DB stage and brought out his partner in Red Cup crime Playboy Tre who finally got a chance to rock a stage on his own after performing at A3C the last two years alongside B.o.B.

Playboy Tre
Photo credit: Maurice Garland

Soul Khan
Photo credit: Maurice Garland

However, the most pleasant surprise of the stage was Brookyn's bi-focal wonder Soul Khan. Hate to make it sound like every time a white dude with glasses actually knows how to rap is such a marvel, but hey, it kinda actually is.

Killa Kyleon
Photo credit: Maurice Garland

Kidz In The Hall Love Their Fans
Photo credit: Maurice Garland

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