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Sir Elton John hobnobbing with the Mighty Hannibal


  • Matt Winegarden

Still glowing from having his 1966 anti Viet Nam war song "Hymn No. 5" re-recorded by Sir. Elton John and Leon Russell for their new album, The Union, the Mighty Hannibal (born James Shaw) sent us these paparazzi-style shots that his manager, Matt Winegarden, took while hanging out backstage after a live Good Morning America broadcast around 6 a.m. It was a day after John and Russell's show at the Beacon, which included a dramatic rendition of his song, which has been renamed "There's No Tomorrow" on Oct. 19.

"They made me get up at six in the morning to be there and I said 'come one, I'm an old man!'" Hannibal laughs. "But that Elton John, he's like the Energizer bunny, man. He just keeps going and going and going. That show lasted for dang near two hours and he just sprang right up like it was nothing at all."

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