Mastodon to play free in-store at Criminal

Atlanta metal behemoth Mastodon will play a free in-store performance at Criminal Records on Tues., March 28 to celebrate the release of Crack the Skye.

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To celebrate the release of their fourth coming, Brendan O’Brien produced full-length album, Crack the Skye, Atlanta metal behemoth Mastodon has announced that the group will play a free, live in-store performance at Criminal Records on Tuesday, March 24 at 8:30 p.m. — the date the album is officially released in the U.S.-

If you attended any of the shows at Criminal’s mini-metal fest the night before the Scion Rock Fest on Fri., Feb. 27, than you know that space will be limited and hesher hair will be flying like helicopter blades.-

Bring ear plugs and be sure to get their early or get stuck outside.