Warren Hudson of Decatur CD’s ultimate mixtape

Decatur CD owner Warren Hudson gives us his ultimate mixtape

Warren Hudson/The Owner LLC.com-

My Mixtape-

1. Tom Waits - “(Looking for) the Heart of Saturday Night”-

2. Van Morrison - “The Healing Game/Domino”-

3. The Clash - “London Calling”-

4. Beatles - “A Day in the Life”-

5. Yo La Tengo - “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind”-

6. Dire Straits - “Telegraph Road”-

7. Otis Redding - “Dock of the Bay”-

8. Spoon - “Don’t Make Me a Target”-

9. Wilco - “I’m the Man Who Loves You”-

10. Byrds - “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” /Gram Parsons - “Hickory Wind”-

My favorite Atlanta-based music act/band of the moment:-

Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Getting better live with each show I see. Wonderful, uptempo pop songs with an edge.