Craziest video shoot ever: Pill’s “Trap Goin’ Ham”

A prime example of what Dave Chapelle might call, (cue echo), When keepin’ it real goes wrong.”“

Hijinks ensued last weekend on the set of the video for the aptly-titled song “Trap Goin’ Ham” by burgeoning Grind Time rapper Pill (whom we included on the recent CL Mixt A download).-

Filmed on Saturday in Atlanta’s Fourth Ward by the Motion Family, it wasn’t one of those flossed-out, fantasy flicks with expensive whips and video vixens rented out by the hour. To the contrary, this was a prime example of what Dave Chapelle might call, (cue echo), “When keepin’ it real goes wrong.”-

Luckily, Maurice Garland was on-site to document all the explicit details. The photos and full story on his blog are a must-read. Here’s a teaser:-

The final scene was supposed to go down in front of the Auburn Food Mart. When we got there a certain gentleman imposed himself onto the scene. Saying “ya’ll need to put pimpin in this video.” When the cameras entertained his shit talking he immediately switched gears demanding money for his time. Of course no one payed attention. Feeling disrespected “pimpin” went digging in the trash can and found a florescent light blub and came back swinging it like he was a Darth Vader.-

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It gets better - or worse: