Woodruff free June concert series to feature local acts

This Thurs. night Tealights, Nerdween and Hope For Agoldensummer kick off WAC's free Nights on the Piazza June concert series

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The Woodruff Arts Center is booking younger local musicians to perform in Sifly Piazza every Thurs. night throughout the month of June. These free "Nights on the Piazza" shows will kick off at 5 p.m. and three young local acts will play until around 8 p.m.-

The first of the series starts tomorrow night (Thurs., June 4) with performances by Nerdkween (5:30 p.m.), Tealights (6:30 p.m.) and Hope For Agoldensummer (7:30 p.m.).-

"This is something I've wanted to see happen for a long time because I feel like there are a lot of people my age (28) who are very interested in art/music, but don't see the Arts Center as some place they want to go," says WAC's Strategic Communications Manager, Kathleen Covington. "We hope by giving them an introduction with the free concerts, they will see that there really is a lot here that they would enjoy."-

The schedule for the rest of June's Nights on the Piazza series: -

June 11 Patty Mack & the Mo White Quartet (5:30 p.m.) Noot d'Noot (6:30 p.m.) Soulphonics & Ruby Velle (7:30 June 11th – Patty Mack & the Mo White Quartet (5:30) Noot d'Noot (6:30) Soulphonics & Ruby Velle (7:30 p.m.).-


June 18 Heather Luttrell (5:30 p.m.) Tin Cup Prophette (6:30 p.m.) Venice is Sinking (7:30 p.m.).-

June 25 Sound Detour (5:30 p.m.) Marry a Thief (6:30 p.m.) Winter Sounds (7:30 p.m.).-

(Photo by Bartram Nason)