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Acoustic/indie/weird rock duo reunites for 20th anniversary show

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Earlier this week Andy Hopkins of long-defunct acoustic/indie rock/experimental duo FLAP, who is reuniting to play this Friday night (Oct. 23) at 529.-

-This will be the first FLAP show in over 11 years, so it’s fair to call it a reunion. The band pretty much went dormant when I moved to Chicago in the Fall of 1998.-

-FLAP was active between 1989 and 1998, so it would also be fair to call our show the “20th anniversary show.”-

-In the early period, between 1989 and 1993, FLAP was primarily just me and Matt Miller, performing as an acoustic duo. We released two cassette albums in this format, Honkey Donkey, and Guitarded.-

-In the period between 1993 and 1998 we primarily played as a rock trio, with our drummer Jason Gillis. We released three CDs during this period: PAL, Buldugs Or The Kid Is Hot Tonite, and Flap Am In The House.-

-During all periods of FLAP we reserved the right to break away into all kinds of experimental formats, including cheap electronics, and full rock bands with guest singers.-

-The reunion show at 529 will focus mostly on the early two-guitar instrumental period of intense jazz-math-grass compositions.-

-“Walkin’ The Bug” is from our very first release Honkey Donkey in 1990. Honkey Donkey was recorded quite well by David ‘Zod’ Watkins, and was only (to date) ever released on cassette, the preferred format of the era.-

(MP3 no longer available on the site)
(Photo courtesy FLAP)