Bob Dylan’s concert for the blind

This past Saturday, when presented with the choice either to “Pump It Up” at Gwinnett or be felt up at the Girl Talk show at MJQ Concourse, the decision was easy: I went to the show I had tickets to. That the former required less physical movement and featured Elvis The-Love-of-My-Life Costello along with Bob Oh-My-God-That’s-Bob-Dylan Dylan also played a major factor.

Gwinnett Center has great sound, and the performances were stellar. If I were blind, it would have been, for me, a fabulous show. But this is what my $49.50 (not including service charge) bought me:

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(Photo by Michael Ruther)

This is Bob Dylan and his band during the encore. Bob’s the one in the hat.

And just imagine Elvis Costello (solo, for the first time in 12 years) in the same space. One tiny British man serenaded 13,000 with an acoustic guitar that, from my seat a quarter-mile away, was smaller than the beer in my hand.

As for Dylan, do I think he’s over-the-hill? Do I think he’s past his prime? Musically, no. I couldn’t determine anything else without binoculars ($10 by the merch table).

I know large venues such as the Arena at Gwinnett Center are necessary, especially for such big acts. But sometimes, when I pay to see a band, I want to see a band.