Sound Menu August 26 2000 Fri

?Noted Acts

Looking for the new Wallflowers record? Go see the Blue Dogs instead. You’ll get out of the house for a while, and you’ll see Greta Lee do her twangy thang before the new Dylan juniors do their bit, complete with wheezy Hammond organ. Atlantan Lee is a country delight, while the Blue Dogs are strays who need to find a direction home. Smith Olde Bar (Smith)

DARK EXTREME — Brought to you by the folks behind that weird “church protest” a few weeks back (boy, was that controversial), this is a night of industrial and goth music and art, featuring Flowers for Luci, Fiends, Carnival of Souls, Noziroh, Zen Pusher Gasoline and Spite. Or as the flyer revealingly indicates, it’ll be “an evening of shear [sic.] terror.” Echo Lounge (Sarig)

DION — Best known for his irresistible early ’60s hits “The Wanderer” and “Runaround Sue,” Dion DiMucci still has a voice that could melt Bronx asphalt, as his spectacular 1989 comeback album (recorded with Dave Edmunds and Lou Reed) amply proved. In fact, his classic “Abraham, Martin and John” should carry an extra note of poignancy (not to mention timelessness) these days, in the wake of the most recent Kennedy tragedy. See review, p. 83. Fred Brown Amphitheater (Nicoll)

MOTLEY CRUE, MEGADETH — Those longing for days of teased hair, loud guitars and spandex britches rejoice; Motley Crue is still in business. With Vince Neil back on board and ex-drummer Tommy Lee gone, the Crue is tighter than it has been in years. Joined by fellow survivors of the ’80s Megadeth, the faithful at Lakewood can relive junior high, if a bit slower and stiffer. See article, p. 69. Lakewood Amphitheater (Thompson)

ONDREA — Alternating elegantly between nonchalant cool and passionate roar, there’s no denying that singer Andrea Hawes has a great set of pipes. Unfortunately, couching said vocals in Ondrea’s frequently bombastic (though curiously drab) rock effectively neutralizes any of their potential. The raw talent’s here, but its direction seems decidedly wrongheaded: opting for spit-polished rock dreams rather than roadhouse glory. But hey, no one can blame ‘em for wanting to get on the radio. Dark Horse Tavern (Robertson)

THE PLASTIC PLAN, LADIES NIGHT, LOUD PISSERS — The Plastic Plan are one of Atlanta’s new underground treasures. Experimental instrumental waves of electrons vibrate into the Elvis vault tonight and maybe even wake the sleeping King. That is, if he’s not already awake from Ladies Night, who jolt the joint with a set of their all-instrumental prodding. The Loud Pissers shower the club with a steady stream of golden tones. Star Bar (Smith)

JOHN PRINE, RICHARD THOMPSON — See John Prine article in Vibes online at Thompson, the English folk-rock veteran of Fairport Convention and Richard & (then-wife) Linda fame, has a penchant for writing literate, dark songs about characters from the underbelly of life. He’s also one heck of a guitarist and a witty, engaging performer. After a disappointing and predictably eccentric output throughout much of the ’90s, his recent Mock Tutor marks a return to his form. Chastain Park Amphitheater (Falstaff)

SKINLAB, IN FLAMES, EARTH CRISIS — Metal lives in Atlanta and around the world, as a trio of heavy rock acts including San Francisco’s Skinlab and Sweden’s In Flames descend upon the city’s dark bastion. Masquerade (Sarig)

JAN SMITH & THE ACOUSTIC GROUP, DOGWOOD MOON — Esteemed local vocal coach Smith (whose clients have included Collective Soul and Matchbox 20) performs tonight with an unplugged ensemble during a 9:30 p.m., 21-and-up show. California folk/punk duo Dogwood Moon play an early, all-ages set at 7 p.m. (Separate admission is required for these two events.) Eddie’s Attic (Nicoll)

SONIA TETLOW BAND, THE STIMULANTS, 6X — If you aren’t rocked by this fine lineup, featuring some of the best female-fronted music in Atlanta, then you’re already dead, Clyde. Sonia Tetlow is a volcanic force of energy, full of rage, and tonight the little spitfire is looking to vent. The Stimulants have less inner turmoil, but their desire to shake and pop simply will not be denied. And Lara Kiang sizes up the situation and blasts accordingly. A powerful night to witness. The Earl (Smith)

WOMEN OF MP3.COM — Three local grrrl bands who met on the Internet will leave their computers at home tonight. Amanda Jones rocks out with a new guitarist in their lineup, while Alastor continue to blaze their own compelling sonic trail with mildly prosaic, somber lyrics, insistently chugging guitars and his ‘n’ her vocals that might be charitably described as “strident.” There’s more than a whiff of early ’90s college rock classicism (Throwing Muses, Pixies and the like). Lift, Sue Wilkinson and 13 Stories also perform. Cotton Club (Nicoll/Robertson)