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Noted acts
GEOFF ACHISON — When it comes to the blues, many new artists are a snoozefest failing to breathe any life into this well-explored genre. Thank goodness for Australia’s Achison, whose approach results in a completely new sound. His mastery of the acoustic and electric allow his guitars to achieve heights never reached by most accomplished rock guitarists. Add his self-penned compositions and a night with Achison is one to be remembered. Whisker’s Tavern/Dunwoody (Prusin)
ADOM — This Wamdue-produced band mixes Sting-like vocals with paranoid android percussion and shimmery, watery guitars of Radiohead. Tonight, they perform a set of new songs in a subterranean setting where their intimate arrangements can echo uninterrupted. Karma (Ware)
CEPHALIC CARNAGE, VADER — A perfect example of the variance in heavy metal. Both bands assault the senses, but Cephalic Carnage’s dark ‘n’ fun sense of humor and the bizarre, along with their willingness to add psychedelic flourishes, makes them one of the most intense grunt-metal acts on the circuit. The more you inhale, the better it gets. Vader, on the other hand, is all joyless monotonous pummel and quickly grows tiresome. For die-hard death metalheads only. 513 Club (Foy)
CHRIS DUARTE, BERNARD ALLISON — A solid blues-rock double bill featuring Austin guitar hotshot Duarte, who was one of the first in what seems like a never-ending line of Stevie Ray Vaughn disciples, charging through his blues rock with more chops than smarts. The recently clean and remarried Duarte seems to be pushing into new, less flashy, more song-oriented directions on his current disc. Allison, the son of Chicago legend Luther Allison, adds funk and gruff rock to his blues buffet, but retains his dad’s proclivity for insanely high-energy shows. Cotton Club (Horowitz)
COL. BRUCE HAMPTON — The moody elder statesman of the jam scene, Hampton has been around forever, it seems. Or is it just that his songs seem to last an eternity? Whatever the case, the Col. hasn’t retired, as his moniker formerly implied. Still going strong — and wrenching out an impressively thick catalog of genre-defying music — he’s an affable wacko who’s always made it a bit easier to tolerate the extended solos for which those dang spinning hippies live. Georgia Theatre/Athens (Smith)
JOSH JOPLIN BAND — There’s something of Clark Kent to Josh Joplin. Most times he’s got a serious expression, with the distinct sense that there’s a lot going on behind his glasses — and brainy, ear-catching lyrics to prove it. And the stage does for Joplin what the phone booth did for Clark Kent: He blasts off, with a fierce energy that no one would’ve expected. The transformation is not to be missed. Eddie’s Attic (Regan Kelly)
NEVERMORE — Despite all their flash and polish Nevermore can still sound pretty tough. Their Dead Heart in a Dead World disc carries a general tone of dreariness while drilling out thumping power metal. Warrel Dane’s rich, strong voice is key, and he occasionally sounds like he’s taking in helium. Now if the band would only ease up on the saccharine Dream Theater/Queensryche respites we’d all be a lot happier. Masquerade (Foy)
ANDRAS SCHIFF — Grammy-winning Hungarian pianist Andras Schiff performs Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I” in its entirety as the first of Spivey Hall’s Piano Series for the 2000/2001 10th Anniversary Celebration Series. Patrons must arrive by 8:15 p.m. Spivey Hall/Morrow (Ware)
UNIVERSAL PEOPLE — See Earshot, p. 89. Smith’s Olde Bar (Allen)Also performing
9 LIVES SALOON: The High & Mighty, Bitch, Dog Fashion Disco, Ritual and Vertigo
40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Velure, Black Pearl
513 CLUB: Vadar, Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage, Deeds of Flesh
BILLY’S: Brian Jones
BLIND WILLIE’S: Francine Reed and the Shadows
BLUE RACCOON: Open-mic night hosted by Bill Sheffield
BRANDYHOUSE: Idletime and Infradid Jazz Ensemble
BRIDGES: Paula Harris and Doug Jervey
THE CHAMBER: Club Fetish
CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFÉ: Jerry Fields and Vecinos del Mundo
PLANETJAM COTTON CLUB: Chris Duarte & Bernard Allison
DARK HORSE TAVERN: Grift, Dreadnot, Sonomama
DARWIN’S: The Organ Donors
DOTTIE’S: Candela
THE EARL: Burning Cocks, the Latter Days, Nickel
ECHO LOUNGE: The Silos, Heritage Cherry
EDDIE’S ATTIC: Josh Joplin Group
FAT MATT’S RIB SHACK: Chickenshack
FRONT PAGE NEWS: Tommy Thompson
FUEL: DJs Marc-Alan Gray, Alex King and Justin
FUZZY’S: Soulidify
KILLER CREEK: Showtyme Jazz Duo
MARY’S: Music videos with DJ Jigsaw
MASQUERADE: U.K. Subs, Adolph + the Piss Artists and the Oozies
POPPERS: Steve Hawkins
SMITH’S OLDE BAR: Teamrollers CD release, Universal People
SPIVEY HALL: Andras Schiff
STAR BAR-L5P: Scattered Thieves, Jack West
WHISKER’S TAVERN-DUNWOODY: Geoff Achison and the Souldiggers
WILD WING CAFÉ: Rollin’ in the Hay
WOODEN NICKEL: Angry Monkey Project