The Mark's anthems

Representin' the vibe

On Fri, Sept. 8, the Mark Ultralounge celebrates three years of bringing renewed energy to downtown nightlife with sets from DJs Sammy B, Money Shot, Strip & Mood, Dylan & Brian Parris and Jonathan Edwards. As part of the celebration, CL asked a few longtime Mark associates to choose tracks they feel represent the vibe of the Mark:

1) "Music Sounds Better With You" — Stardust: Even though he was a DJ at the Mark's former incarnation, Karma, Matt "Starboy" Silliman says this funky-ass late-'90s floor shaker sets off quirky post-rave clubbers and will always leave panties in the basement's corner.

2) "Ooh Wee" — Mark Ronson: A DJ and the Mark's assistant general manager, Jonathan Edwards feels this infinitely hummable jam maintains the same loose vibe as the Mark's dance floor.

3) "Street Knowledge" — Evol Intent: DJ/producer/promoter Anthony "Mayhem" Rotella remarks that this homegrown drum 'n' bass track's heavy but nimble sound encapsulates the same crunk energy as his Transit night.

4) "Dub Be Good to Me" — Beats International: Pablo, owner of the Mark, cites this simple dub beat as epitomizing his venue's philosophy of taking chances and keeping it simple. Plus, he says the sampling of the Specials' "Ghost Town" symbolizes downtown's changes and sounds timeless in myriad style sets.

5) "I'll House You" — Jungle Brothers: CL chooses this pioneering 1988 hip-house joint for jazzily swingin' and jackin' to welcome Jungle Brother and new Mark/Atlanta resident, DJ Sammy B.

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