McDonald’s Presenta Lo McXimo de la Música

Latin pop superstars to perform at the Tabernacle

Using the wittiest of word mashups, the folks at Mickey D’s are sponsoring a nationwide tour of Latin pop superstars, which appears at the Tabernacle Sun., Sept. 17. To help expand your cultural knowledge, we’ve ranked the acts on the bill in order of lowest to highest pop-star status:

5) Jeanne Ortega — A bit too late to the urban-reggaeton Spanglish boom, Ortega’s debut album is proof that the genre is getting played out quick.

4) Frankie J — Another alumnus of the Urban Latino movement, Frankie has more soul than some of his contemporaries. He broke through by covering the Bachata hit, “Obsession (No es Amor),” that ironically had created a pop monster out of Aventura, another Urban Latino boy band.

3) Orishas — This French-Cuban hip-hop trio would’ve been higher in the list circa 1999, when it released its breakthrough debut, “A lo cubano” (“Cuban style”). A pair of lackluster efforts since, where it abandoned the beats-and-Cuban-son approach to production for a more bling sound, has pushed the trio aside for artists who are younger and more relevant to American audiences.

2) Nina Sky — One of the original Urban Latino artists to successfully launch as a crossover act, the sister duo has recorded with hip-hop recognizables such as Noreaga and reggaeton mainstreamers such as Tego Calderon.

1) Luis Fonsi — Not even the onslaught of the urban movement can counter the overpowering effect of a good old Latin heartthrob. Sometimes good looks and catchy guitar melodies are all you need to get on top.

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