Derivative color names

Hues of the rainbow in band names

Apparently finished obsessing over animals such as bears, wolves and deer, rock bands have developed a fascination with the many hues of the rainbow. But there are strict rules musicians must follow before inserting a specific color into their names.

1) If you play psychedelic music, it's best to simply use the word "color," or its European cousin "colour." Examples: Colour Revolt, the Colour, Awesome Color.

2) Pink is sexy and the perfect way to describe your hot rock/electro/disco/funk jams. Examples: Pink Nasty, Pink Spiders, the Pinker Tones, Ariel Pink.

3) Red is a mysterious color that evokes purpose and strength. Examples: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Red Sparowes, Brilliant Red Lights, the Vixen Red.

4) Make sure if you use "black," it's as a descriptive term. Examples: Blackpool Lights, Brightblack Morning Light, the Black Lips.

5) If all else fails, use a little white. Examples: White Magic, Whitestarr, White Flight.

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