Joe Queer's Observations of Atlanta

Legendary punk rocker Joe Queer has relocated to Atlanta from his former home base of New Hampshire. And, according to him, it's quite a culture shock — even for a seasoned bubblegum punker. The Queers are celebrating the just-released CD, Munki Brain, and DVD The Queers Are Here (available Feb. 20). And he's right here, prickly as ever:

1) "The postal workers in this town are lazy, insolent slobs and should be shot on sight. I've met friendlier jailers in west Texas, and I'm not kidding."

2) "Gay people aren't nice enough in Atlanta. None of them ever has time to sit and chat with me down at Caribou Coffee about his favorite recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies."

3) "Since Atlanta lacks anything even faintly resembling a personality, I think we need to open up and show a damn sense of humor. I suggest Baton Bob, Elton John and yours truly be the new welcome wagon committee."

4) "Cheap motherfuckers. I want all you rich bastards to start buying a cup of coffee and a damn doughnut for every homeless dude that asks for a dime. Sure, you can't give them dough 'cause they will spend it on crack or booze, but will a cup of coffee kill you?"

5) "The Drive-By Truckers play here far too much and they suck anyway, so stop going to their shows."

The Queers' CD-release show is Sat., Feb. 10, at the Star Bar (and don't tell Joe that the Truckers have played there).

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