Top five ways to get kicked out of Lenny's

Where there's alcohol, it's guaranteed you'll find drunk people doing stupid shit. Bean Summer can definitely attest to this. As promoter of Lenny's Bar since 2003, Bean has nightly run-ins with all kinds of drunk people acting the fool. And if you don't want to end your night alone outside without a drink, avoid the following:

1) Physical violence: "... against a person, object in the bar or yourself. One time a guy pulled a knife on me, and then accidentally stabbed himself. I kind of felt sorry for him for being so stupid."

2) Getting wasted: "Public drunkenness, like drinking till you can't talk and falling over. It happens daily. For some people that's their career — getting drunk at Lenny's."

3) Stupid-guy syndrome: "These are the guys who come to the bar trying to pick up women and end up harassing them. Those guys really piss me off and I love kicking them out. I hope they take their shit back to Buckhead."

4) Stupid-girl syndrome: "It's like stupid-guy syndrome but instead of girls getting hit on, girls hit each other ... always over someone's boyfriend."

5) Darwin award: "This is for the people who do the absolute dumbest things. One guy peed in the corner. No names there. But not peeing in the bathroom will definitely get you kicked out."

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