Top five songs parents just don't understand

Songs you'll never want to explain to parents

Will Smith (aka the Fresh Prince) was right. Parents just don't understand — especially when it comes to your musical tastes. Bands that candidly sing about drugs, sex, destruction and decapitation are sure to offend and make for some really awkward moments. Here's a list of the five songs you'll never want to explain to your folks.

1) "Get in the Ring" by Guns N' Roses: "You got your bitches with the silicone injections, crystal meth and yeast infections, bleached blond hair, collagen lip projections ..." The song calls out all the people who ever criticized the band, but everyone is left confused when Axl goes on to claim he "built a world out of anarchy."

2) "Suck My Left One" by Bikini Kill: The lyrics are self-explanatory, but you don't want to be stuck in a car with your parents as Kathleen Hanna screams, "suck my left one!" over and over.

3) "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails: "I want to fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside." Bestiality ... never easily explained.

4) "Big Balls" by AC/DC: Literally, the song is about balls.

5) "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse: "Lifeless body, slouching dead lecherous abscess, where you once had a head ..." That's just one line from the song. And really, what parent is into abscesses? Or, how do you begin to tell them that you are?

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