Top five loud fashion accessories

Caleb Gauge of F*In Socialites and STPCHLD Industries

Music and fashion have always mixed. Beyond the music, it’s about portraying a look that emulates the sound. Honestly, who cares whether the music is good or bad? Everyone’s just trying to look the part: LOUD. As the co-founder of STPCHLD Industries and the man behind the F*In Socialites, Caleb Gauge knows how to stand out in a crowd. The F*In Socialites, a promotion group that fuses the fashion and music worlds, is quickly becoming notorious for its “Sloppy Seconds” dance party, held every second Saturday. With the next Sloppy Seconds coming up May 12, featuring DJ Craze and DJ Klever, Gauge gives us his top five essential fashion accessories.

1) Sloppy Seconds’ Navaglo T-shirt: “Hey! Shameless glow-in-the-dark promotions never hurt anyone.”

2) Mead Zoltar Trapper Keeper: “The not-so planner. Maybe not the most functional organizer, but you definitely look official.”

3) Lazer Tag gun and belt w/ optional MP3 player: “The new raver’s weapon of choice.”

4) Hiroshi Fujiwara’s iPhone: “Screw the phone, I just want Hiroshi Fujiwara’s address book.”

5) Oakley Supreme turtleskin stunna shades: “Andre Agassi would be so proud!”

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