Top five ways to stroke your artist's ego

Sharrell Luckett manages the details

As co-manager of Rahbi – Atlanta's self-coined "glamour soul" singer – Sharrell Luckett knows a thing or two about catering to the needs of a sensitive artist. Before Rahbi performs at Apache on Thursday, July 26, as part of the Soul at Midnight Showcase, she'll be backstage stroking his, um, ego with one of her tried-but-true techniques.

1) Jedi mind trick: "Say the opposite of what you really want your artist to do. Artists with big egos are always going to do the opposite of what you say."

2) Head bobbing: "Studio head bobbing is essential to edifying an artist's budding creativity. Hey, whether you like the song or not, it's a grand gesture of silent support."

3) Free room and board: "Make it a true family! Share your digs, your food and your toilet. Being a superstar is hard, and sometimes the local shelter is full."

4) MySpace fan page: "Create a MySpace fan page. There's nothing more delightful than letting your artist know that millions of people like him more than you."

5) Glamour lunches: "Prepare a scrumptious lunch for your artist to eat in the studio after you drop him off. Remember: no dairy, no sugar and no weed!"

ONLINE: Listen to a podcast of Rahbi's live performance at CL's office on the Crib Notes music blog at www.clcribnotes.com.

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