Songs to Rekindle Your Romance

The Fly Guy gets between your sheets

Before transforming himself into relationship guru the Fly Guy, DeWayne Rogers sang tenor in local R&B group Status. Though the quartet never made a huge splash on the radio, Rogers has. He offers his own brand of humorous love advice every Tuesday on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" (WALR-FM, 104.1). You can even watch him in action at www.flyguychronicles.com. And he still knows how to put women to sleep, or, um, bed with the gift of song. Check out his preferred playlist for winning your baby back.

1) John Mayer, "Come Back to Bed": "I love John's approach. Get them back in the bed first; then work it out. That's my kind of strategy."

2) Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. and Timbaland, "My Love": "Nothing says 'I'm sorry' like showing up with your boys in tow for backup. Timbaland and T.I. will work just fine."

3) Jay-Z, "Song Cry": "'I was just fucking those girls, I was gonna get right back.' Now that's sincerity in its purest form."

4) Earth, Wind & Fire, "Reasons": "Ninety-five percent of all women are left defenseless when a man sings in falsetto. It's a fact."

5) All-4-One, "I Swear": "If the sappy lyrics don't get her back, maybe she'll laugh so hard that she'll forget why she was even mad to begin with."

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