The Midnight Socialite's bare essentials

Strike a pose

By day, he's 19-year-old mild-mannered Chris Merkle. By night, he's the Midnight Socialite. In the past year, Merkle has been to more than 150 parties and club events in Atlanta and across the country. And not once did he have to use a fake ID to gain entry. His photos serve as his calling card, capturing the essence of pop life in all its aspirational glory. But there's more to it than pointing and clicking. Check out his list of dos and don'ts.

1) Top five ways to get your paparazzi on: Shotgun two cans of Red Bull; feed off crowd's energy (aka Midnight Mode); pregame at Greg Mike's apartment; dress up as Navajo Indian chief; go crowd-surfing with your camera.

2) Top five places to find life after midnight: Lenny's, Decatur Social Club, the Royal, MJQ, my bedroom.

3) Top five favorite tracks to hear on the dance floor at midnight: "Crossover Appeal," Guns N' Bombs; "And Down," Boys Noize; "DVNO," Justice; "Killing in the Name of (sebastiAn edit)," Rage Against the Machine; "Any Way (Fake Blood Remix)," the Black Ghosts.

4) Top five midnight snacks: Sushi, chicken grilled stuffed burrito, ham/egg/cheese omelette; Ben & Jerry's Mochachillo, Frosted Cheerios.

5) Top five places I NEVER want to be at midnight: Jail, Peachtree City, Fever Nightclub, stuck at home, the emergency room.

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