Top five fashion faux pas

Okeeba Jubalo gets crunk

Known for the kind of progressive collaborations that spawned Atlanta's funky-free but short-lived experimental group JjasonBlackwell, Okeeba Jubalo is the last person you'd expect to hear playing the dozens. But since returning to the city last year, the spoken-word artist/painter hasn't been able to stop laughing at played-out fashion trends. On the serious tip, check out his thoughts about the reverse migration — black Americans returning to the South — in the soon-to-be-released documentary, The Place Called Home, also featuring Dr. Maya Angelou. Meanwhile, just make sure he doesn't catch you in traffic with spinner hubcaps on your ride.

1) Mohawks: "At first it was kinda cool, even though it's been done forever. But when you see it everywhere ..."

2) Cornrows with baby hair: "When dudes try to brush the edges and make it look like baby hair, like Omarion, that's terrible. Grown-ass men with baby hair and cornrows."

3) Fake dreads: "That's like blasphemy, really, if you look at the origins. Then it became more of a trend for people to think you were so-called 'conscious' — whatever that means in 2007."

4) Bedsheet T-shirts: "Aesthetically, it just doesn't work when you see a dude coming down the street with a nightgown on acting like he's hard."

5) Spinner hubcaps: "What the hell?! And it's always on a Corolla, or something small like a Datsun. They don't even make Datsuns anymore, and you got damn spinner hubcaps on."

To listen to a track from Okeeba Jubalo's EP, Smoke & Mirrors, click here.

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