Worst things about Atlanta nightlife

Senor Kaos' kryptonite

It's hard to describe what Señor Kaos actually does for a living without using a bunch of slashes. Let's see, MC-slash-marketer-slash-street-connoisseur-slash — you get the idea. What we do know is his Vintage Imperial marketing firm serves as a conduit between the streets and the suites. That translates to cool shows like the Scion-sponsored Ghostface Killah performance slated for Nov. 26 at the Loft. But one thing Kaos can't afford to associate himself with is wackness. Here's a list of types he avoids like kryptonite while orchestrating Atlanta nightlife.

1) The corny: "Door girls."

2) The grimy: "Party promoters who you have to chase to get paid."

3) The hyphy: "Crackheads posing as parking attendants."

4) The frisky: "Bouncers who get a lil' too close when they pat you down."

5) The sheisty: "Club promoters who put people on their fliers that they know aren't going to be at the party."

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