Postcards from the edge

Dear Enemy's trail of tears

Atlanta's Dear Enemy has yet to commit to a full-blown national tour, but the band has been taking its brand of rock to venues all across the Southeast for more than two years. We caught up with bassist Ben Workman on one of the rare days he wasn't overrun with work, school and constant vanpooling to find out what helps keep him motivated on the road. Through his twisted tales, he illustrates how "every day is a new adventure."

1) Die-hard fans: "This girl's stepfather was trying to get her to flash us to get free merchandise. She ended up doing it."

2) Public humiliation: "This guy we stayed with had a Ben & Jerry's delivery truck full of ice cream. Gogi eats so much oatmeal-raisin ice cream, when we get on stage he shits himself. We still haven't let him live that one down."

3) Ho downs: "A stripper starts trying to give us dances and whips out a Sharpie and is like 'Sign my ass!' We did it and the bodyguard takes her away. She ends up getting fired, and we got kicked out right after that."

4) Last calls: "I was loaded out in the parking lot trying to ride my Razor scooter. I started yelling, 'I feel like a shark,' while screaming the 'Cops' theme song. Man, I don't ever want to get that trashed again."

5) Quality time: "This guy we stayed with was seriously trying to convince me that Cheetos grow on trees. That's when I decided we couldn't stay there. So we ended up staying in the van at some rest area down the street."

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