Die Slaughterhaus record sleeves

Mark Naumann picks his favorite covers

Record sleeves aren't just about packaging, but impact. When done right, they can propel a band to another level. Mark Naumann, who has run local DIY output Die Slaughterhaus Records since 2001, shares his top five DSH record sleeves.

1) Chopper, "Kvlt as Fvck" 7-inch: "Without a doubt, it's the coolest artwork out of my catalog. It depicts a wizard riding a motorcycle shooting a lightning bolt from his staff."

2) Dem Nassty Habits, "Nasty Habits" 7-inch: "Kind of like a punk rock 'Where's Waldo?' with caricatures of the band members playing and all kinds of weird shit going on in the crowd."

3) Kajun SS, "$40 quartet" 7-inch: "It's the infamous picture of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis (known as the Million Dollar Quartet) — only Kajun SS' faces are glued in their place."

4) CPC Gangbangs, "Teenage Crimewave" 7-inch: "There were two different sleeves made for this record, but the one with the white cover has a drawing on the back of a junkie in an alley with the song titles scrawled on the brick wall behind him."

5) Frantic, "Attaque of the Grizzlie" 12-inch: "An angry bear shooting lasers from his mouth. Nothing more I need to say."

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