Local releases August 19 2000

DIVINITY, Divinity (self-release); four-song debut EP from Stockbridge rock trio; playing Aug. 16 at 9 Live Saloon and Aug. 18 at Dottie's; website: www.divinity-music.com

JESSE JAMES DUPREE, Foot Fetish (V2); solo album by former Jackyl member, Kennesaw-based guitarist/singer Dupree; features Georgia drummer Jon Skinner

GHOST TOWN, Ghost Town EP (self-release); five-song debut from rock quartet; website: www.ghosttownmusic.com

SUNDAY MUNICH, Vinculum (Precipice); second CD by darkwave/electronic trio; guests include Underwater's Melissa Mileski; website: www.kyan.com/sundaymunich

VARIOUS ARTISTS, NonPilation (EMQ); five-track hip-hop EP featuring EMQ's "Sir" James Lewis' production and artists Mike Warner, JS-1 and NoRay; website: www.emqmi.com