New feature: Club to Death"

Creative Loafing launches its latest column dedicated to Atlanta's changing nightlife

Welcome back to another installment of "Bleeped Out." No, that's not right. Let's try this: And in this issue of The Scene.

Nope, not that either. I feel like a Steely Dan song: "Don't stop, do it again."

So here we are again. Every September we combat dreary days and seasonal depression by launching another look at Atlanta's colorful nightlife in a new light, so it's about time we do it right!

For the next 52 weeks or so, I'll be your tour guide, so I guess I should reintroduce myself. Last year I needled the Atlanta Alliance in Creative Loafing's short-lived monthly "Bleeped Out" column and lampooned the occasional club kid getting his crunk on as editor of The Scene.

I had a lot to say last year, not all of it kind. But the point of this weekly column is not to hear me, but to let Atlanta speak for itself. The city is approaching puberty, attracting talent and enthusiasm, but finally being able to nurture from within instead of always drawing from without. Where's the short club scorecard? Oh, yeah: Nomenclature 3 — Karma 2 — Deux Plex 1 — Cobalt 0. For every birthday there's a wake, and a call for Atlanta clubs to wake up to some harsh realities.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've obviously still got my opinions, and you'll hear them now and then. You see, I believe Atlanta's club scene is in a state of emergency, and I'm not the ER, but I see you. Is it lack of cops or lack of respect that burdens Buckhead? Is it commercialization or legitimization that is the biggest future threat/advantage to the party scene?

This won't be a gossip column, though there will be short news blurbs when available. I couldn't tell you what gallery owners were at what after-hours on what night, and I frankly don't want to know. This won't be a reviews column, though there will be occasional reports of events. I can tell you what DJs performed and whether they were worth their reputation, and frankly, I want you to know.

No, Atlanta has enough sprawl. This column will be concise. So I've told you a few things this column will be and a few things it won't be, but you may still be wondering, what's the point, yo?

Well, you see that little black box over there? No, to the left. A little higher. Higher. Yeah, that's the spot. Purrrrrrrfect. Well, what does it say? "Club To Death." That's right, this column won't just be about clubs or DJs, but it'll be about all aspects of what makes going out a lifestyle. This column is for those who can't imagine a life without night, a big city without bright lights. This is a column for those who will club to their death. This column is for those who couldn't imagine reading it before their 3 p.m. breakfast, except maybe during their 3 a.m. snack at the Majestic.

Atlanta is at a crossroads, actually a lot of different crossroads, and if bad roads can't stop us, I hope crossed wires and crossed signals won't either. If there's a problem someone wants addressed, or someone who deserves praise, tip me off. If I've said something that pissed someone off, flip me off. If you can feel the music in your spine, get off. "Club to Death" will tell it straight. It isn't some column planned to police the clubs, and it's not here to hit you over the head. We just plan to be on beat.

Upcoming Events
Sept. 20%
— Atlanta d'n'b enthusiasts, wash the sleep out of those eyes and clean out those ears, because the Shadow Law crew has arranged for the Rinse Out Sessions to return to Demo, featuring Maze, Simlock, Cypher and Mayhem, with the welcome return of D-Protecta, with MC Hubs. Keep the parking lot clear! $7. 10 p.m.-3 a.m. Up 85 off Jimmy Carter Blvd. For more information visit www.shadow-law.com.

Sept. 22

Image PROGRESSION SESSIONS -- LTJ Bukem, the man who introduced jazzy ambience to drum and bass, and whom Pleazure introduced to Atlanta, returns to pleasure the Masquerade with fantastic tracks off of his Good Looking Records label and his first album of original material, Journey Inwards. Along are MC Conrad, featured on the latest Progression Sessions V CD, Good Looking's Nookie, and Atlanta's own Dean Coleman and Little Jen. $13-$15. 695 North Ave. 10 p.m.-4 a.m. For more information visit www.pleazure.net.

Sept. 23

SONIC EQUINOX -- Shapeshifter and Fidelity Flip mark a long night with some memories that will last awhile, courtesy of the first lady of trance, Sandra Collins, Moonshine's D:Fuse, Fragrant's Joshua Ryan, and drum and bass by Danny Tha Wildchild, Phantom 45 and Odi, plus locals such as Gene Carbonell, Hazeus and a live performance by Red Shift. $25. 10 p.m.-8 a.m. For more information call 770-455-1091, 404-843-2145 or e-mail shapeshifter@deepvoyages.com or fidelity@usit.net.

[Image denotes special staff recommendation]

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