Love (and Macca) in Song

For no other reason than to recognize the songwriting talent of a musical hero, the Decatur-based Demagogue label decided to release Love in Song: A Tribute to Sir Paul McCartney. Demagogue president Dave Henson says local musician Adam Leland suggested the idea of an all-McCartney album last year, and the project blossomed into a community effort after many area bands expressed interest in rehashing some of Macca's better-known post-Beatles material.The disc, which contains tracks by 20 different bands, is great fun, with the likes of Blacklight Posterboys digging into "Jet," Big Fish Ensemble putting their stamp on the title track and Kenny Howes grabbing some action on "Venus and Mars/Rock Show." While some of the renditions follow the originals a bit too faithfully, some unexpected arrangements ooze local flavor out of McCartney's melodic genius. The Bordellos' pluck "My Love" from its cheesy past and render it respectably sentimental with their bluegrass-tinged strumming and wobbly tenor singing. Sonomama's "Band on the Run" feels like a sunny Rupert Hine/Howard Jones collaboration until it falls full-thrust into its gritty, guitar-drenched chorus. The Chain Poets' "Every Night" gives an old love song a bit of much-needed soul.
As for the CD's profits, it's not a charity case, just a musical love letter, says Henson. "Demagogue asked the acts on Love In Song for nothing in return. We are simply putting it out, 'cause it kicks ass and supports our local scene."
A listening party/concert for Love In Song takes place Sat., Oct. 14, at the Earl. The Lizardmen, Kenny Howes, Adam Leland and Blacklight Posterboys perform.