Karl Injex

?Age: 31
Affiliations: Taurus, Jiva, Seventy3
Spin schedule: Crescent Room - Saturdays; eleven50 - Fridays, Saturdays; Kaya - Rock Thursdays
Do you have any special events coming up? Sound of Majesty (w/Tria Di Luna); Rope Ladder to the Moon (with Ben Loiz, Shawn Benjamin & Tyler Askew)
How long have you been in Atlanta? Since 1981
What genre do you usually spin? See Top Five.
What's your current top five?
1. Jiva - "I realized"
2. Jeymes Samuel - "When it Rains" (Restless Soul & Original mixes)
3. Julie Dexter - "What Do I Do"
4. Jazzanova - Collected Remixes
5. Shawn J. Period - Album Tracks
What's your all-time top five?
1. Dee Dee Bridgewater - "Love from the Sun"
2. James Mason - "Sweet Power Your Embrace"
3. Serge Gainsbourg - "Aux Brigade des Stups"
4. Burt Bacharach - "Monterey Peninsula"
5. Sergio Mendes - "Primitivo"
Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why?
The incredible singers + players I have had the extreme good fortune to work with. Atlanta has one of the strongest musical foundations of any city in the country, or the world for that matter. Keep your ears open for names like India Arie, Luis Stefanell, Donny, Seek, Jiva, Tria Di Luna, Transcendental, Sirius B, and Prefuse 73, among others.
What artists do you most admire? Why?
The Late Great George "Lord Selecta" Chang.I would say without hesitation, George Chang was the most original and exciting DJ Atlanta has ever seen. His intense love for music and its concomitant culture inspired and continues to inspire many of us to this day. He practiced a Musical Freedom Principle that was as unapologetically unconventional as it was unquestionably ahead of its time. He made people dance and laugh, and for that we will always love him. Respect.
What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ?
A DJ that does not paint himself into a corner. Always be open to shifting gears and going into a new direction.
Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ?
Inferior sound systems.
Where do you see the DJ scene headed?
What do you like about the Atlanta scene?
The people.
What do you think the Atlanta scene needs?
More musical diversity.