Bulletin Board November 11 2000

ART ROCK. The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center is currently hosting an installation titled Mix Tape, a multi-media exhibition featuring music and video. Atlanta's Fascia and Athens' James Herbert (who not surprisingly uses R.E.M.'s music) are included in the production, which runs through Dec. 30. Check out www.thecontemporary.org for details.
THE HISTORY OF ROCK. The urban music-oriented Club Kaya will begin hosting an evening called Rock every Thursday night starting in late November. It promises to encompass all aspects, facets and years of the rock genre, from the Beatles through Limp Bizkit, and will even feature go-go dancers to add to the atmosphere. Local rock bands will be featured, so if you're in one and want to find out what this is all about, contact Todd Terranova at 404-874-4460.
GTPRODUCTIONS in conjunction with CJ's Landing is giving away 12 hours of recording time at Tree Sound Studio to the winning band of their "Top-of-the-Tree" contest. The competition is drawing to a close with only two more Wednesday night shows left in the five preliminary rounds: Nov. 11 with Ajax Heavies, Audiobridge and Agent Cooper and Nov. 15 featuring Bay County Poets, Film and Eden. The majority of the judging is done by "industry professionals," but there's also a People's Choice winner who will advance to the semi-finals.