Hello KiddyCat

Sunnytime Soup is a bowl full of goodness and fun, bubbles the effusive Paula Jones. No, not that Paula Jones. This Gwinnett county resident — who performs as Paula Greenfield — is the top cat of Atlanta-based KiddyCat Records' first CD. The working mother and singer/ songwriter is the star of a CD release party for kids of all ages on February 9.
"Children are exposed to all kinds of music on the radio," says KiddyCat Records president Holley Rivers. "We are not talking down to them, we are offering sophisticated arrangements and uplifting songs. Children can see through fakey things."
The music on KiddyCat's Soup is a hearty mixture of nine different genres, all fortified with nutritional whimsy and lightly seasoned with gentle life lessons. "We aren't heavy-handed with morals and issues, it's mostly just about being healthy and positive," says Rivers.
To help build an awareness of the CD, Rivers single-handedly mailed copies of the disc to radio stations and magazines across the country. Currently, the disc has received airplay in several cities, is for sale through Amazon.com and has started to earn some interest from the Disney Channel.
The release party that the label plans for this Friday includes enough clowns, ballerinas, brightly colored sets and costumes to keep even the fussiest tots entertained. "I'll be wearing a '60s 'Laugh-In' kind of dress," Jones giggles. "With gold boots, a peace sign around my neck and singing these songs, I don't think we'll put anybody to sleep."
KiddyCat Records CD release party for Sunnytime Soup is Fri., Feb. 9, at 8 p.m. at the Kids R Kids Auditorium in Duluth. For more information call 404-320-0355.