Dressed to King-Kill

I only intended to get some of our stuff on a CD so I could listen to it, says King-Kill/33° guitarist Keith Lee. The band, formed in 1990, never issued a full-length album, only a few singles and compilation appearances. When KK/33° drummer Doug Hughes unearthed more than an hour’s worth of material by the once-popular underground band, Lee got an idea.

“I figured, since we had all this stuff, I’d release it to celebrate our 10th anniversary,” continues Lee. Busy with his current band, Liar’s Club, he never followed up on the proposed collection.

After former KK/33° singer Mitchell Foy, currently of Pineal Ventana (and a Creative Loafing contributor), recently suggested to Lee the two should play some old songs live, Lee finally had the proper inspiration.

Lee had a limited run of the band’s material pressed and booked a special reunion show to celebrate the release. “We broke up in ‘93, so there’s a whole generation that never saw us play live.”

Originally named after an essay about the Kennedy assassination by James Downard, the progressive punk band — described by Lee as a combination of Black Flag and Pink Floyd — are planning their own revival and demise. And, citing dwindling audiences, changing scenes and just not enough time, Lee says he’s offing his current band, too.

“It’s like killing two bands with one bullet,” Lee says, “Because the project is pretty incestuous.” In addition to Hughes, Donna Smith, KK/33°’s original bassist, plays keyboards in Liar’s Club, and visual effects will be handled by Lee’s wife, Lynn. “Our very first drummer, Chris Swartz, is coming to the show and Doug will be playing his old kit,” Lee says. Rounding out the ensemble is veteran Atlanta scenester Laurie Gforce on bass for both bands.

A selection of KK/33° and Liar’s Club merchandise will be available for final sale. “If you want to check out either band,” says Lee, “it’s now or never.”

King-Kill/33° plays the Earl Sat., March 24.??