Bulletin Board April 04 2001

Destination: Clubland. Although we're suspicious of any nightspot that offers $500 memberships — let alone discounted ones before the place even opens — the new "superclub" named "destination" (lowercase d adds to the pretentious factor) is worth a look. Featuring some of the more prominent DJs in the city, the three-room 30,000-square-foot venue located at 1269 Pryor Road will specialize in trance, house and drum 'n' bass. Opening night, April 12, looks to be a wild one with 12 DJs elbowing each other for turntable room. Check out the action at www.clubdestination.com.

In through the out door. Queerstock founder Doria Roberts' proposal to include a special showcase of "out" musical artists at this year's Atlantis Music Conference was accepted. Musicians must be accepted to Atlantis in order to showcase at the event. The deadline for applications has been extended to April 30. Those wishing to qualify for the convention can get the poop at www.atlantismusic.com.

Americana silenced. Metro Atlanta lost its only radio station offering true Americana programming Monday due to a format change in the wake of a company takeover. Cumming-based WMLB 1170 AM, which had been named Best Country Station by CL critics for the past two years for an eclectic play list of roots and alt-country, was recently sold to Atlanta's WKGE 1160 AM. The new owners have reportedly laid off all but one WMLB staffer and began Monday broadcasting a "mellow oldies" format — doo-wop, Everly Brothers, Tony Bennett — over the 1170 signal, which reaches the northern suburbs. WMLB was named Gavin's Americana Station of the Year for 1997 and program director Nancy Johnson was named Music Director of the Year for 2000. (staff contributed additional reporting)