Bulletin Board March 27 2002

OUT OF THE ATTIC. Local acoustic-music icon Eddie Owen has sold Eddie's Attic, the Decatur club he owned and operated for the past decade. Artists such as the Indigo Girls and Shawn Mullins have credited Owen for his early support of their music. The sale, to Todd Van Sickle (husband of local singer and Attic regular Jennifer Nettles), took effect earlier this month.

"Eddie's been thinking about selling it for a while," says Attic manager Amy Cochran, "and then he had his third baby born last year and that sealed the decision for him. He was looking for something to fit the life of a family man, more stability and set hours.?"Owen, who took a new job at Lake Oconee's Ritz-Carlton resort in January, had turned over the booking responsibilities to Cochran, and she continues in that role under the new ownership. There are no plans to change the venue's name or acoustic-music orientation, though some renovations and menu changes may be on the way.

SOUND AND VISION. IG: Music Art Film, an independent arts festival planned for July 31-Aug. 3 in East Atlanta, has engaged in an exchange program with Gainesville's Downstream Film Festival (July 18-21). IG will hold a music showcase during Downstream, and Downstream will present film screenings at IG. Check out details and submission info at www.independentgeorgia.org and www.downstreamfest.com.