Psyche Origami unfolds your mind

The mind is a labyrinth, and few have mastered its shadowy inner workings with as much brain-bending fortitude as Psyche Origami. The trio — MC Wyzsztyk (pronounced wiz-stick), and DJs Dainja and Synthesis — weaves a complex web of beats and lyrical breakdowns that culminate in a heady and abstract cerebral stew. Now, with the release of its first full-length offering, Is Ellipsis ... (Arc the Finger Records), the group's impeccable transition from the studio to the stage is wholly documented.

When Psyche Origami (then operating as a duo without Dainja) dropped the Perforated EP (Royal Fuzz) in 2001, the group's fast and complicated style was enough to make even the most progressive hip-hop heads take notice. Twisting eccentric urban leanings into concept-driven hip-hop gave the group a sophisticated edge. But it wasn't until taking the act to a live setting that Psyche Origami truly shined.

Shortly after releasing Perforated, the group enlisted the able hands of Dainja to add another level to the arrangements and bring clarity to the live set. "There's stuff on the recordings that needs four hands if you're going to pull it off live," says Synthesis. "We added live interludes to [Is Ellipsis...] to show that when we're on-stage, we really do make it work."

Wyzsztyk adds, "We wanted the complexities from the record to translate to the live set. And with Dainja on board, we really do make it work. The sum is greater than the parts."

Psyche Origami plays the Echo Lounge Sat., Dec. 13. $10.