Movie star makeup tips

Want to add some glamour to the holidays? Updating the look of Hollywood's legendary pinup girls is the way to go. Whether crimson lips or black-rimmed eyes, you too can look a little like Marilyn Monroe during the festive season.

The trick to achieving glamorous perfection is that less is more. Choosing to play up one feature, leaving the rest subdued, will create a more dramatic effect.

When it comes to black eyeliner, precise lines can appear too harsh. To freshen the look, lines should be smudged just slightly. The goal is smoldering eyes — not to look strung out. Add a few coats of black mascara, a shimmery shadow, a touch of soft color on the cheeks and a nude gloss. And you're instantly sultry.

The perfect pout for this season isn't necessarily the matte red of the '50s, but rather a sheer but vivid cranberry or magenta. Gold or silver tone shadow swept across the lids, black mascara and flushed cheeks will add a bit of warmth to the face, but still keep the mouth as the center of attraction.

With the perfect dress, staggering heels and a toss of the head, you can reinvent yourself as one of Hollywood's famed seductresses. Now start perfecting that breathy voice.

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