Zandosis Has Something to Say

During American punk's heyday in the early 1980s, there was a healthy musical counter to government cronyism, corruption and sanctioned mass murder. Yet as it becomes increasingly clear that we, as a country, are in one the darkest periods of our existence, the question arises now louder than ever: What happened to social commentary in music?

An answer comes from local noise/free jazz/ punk trio Zandosis.

"It's disappointing that more people aren't bashing the current regime," says vocalist/saxophonist Marshall Argus. "I think back to my younger days and fondly recall listening to DOA and Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Kennedys — bands who were directly talking about Ronald Reagan and the evils inflicted on this country by his cronies. That was vital and fun music that still sounds good today. Maybe people are scared John Ashcroft will arrest them or send them to a prison in Cuba if they speak out."

Long involved in the local noise scene, Argus, bassist T-def and drummer Stewart started off in the world of free jazz/noise. Argus only just picked up the mic.

After a recent show at the Neutron bomb, Argus said, "Zandosis doesn't have any particular direction, but started doing these bursts of political energy and emotion in the wake of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003."

Their new 7-inch single, available at Stickfigure and Full Moon record stores or via email at oldagolda@hotmail.com, is the welcome document that many punks missing commentary have long sought. And with titles like "Paul Wolfowitz Boiled Alive in His own urine," their sincerity can hardly be doubted.

Zandosis plays the Neutron Bomb Sat., Jan. 10. $6.