Trench lust

Lust — one of the seven deadly sins -- is not a feeling confined to pleasures of the flesh. It also relates to pleasures of the fabric.

Every season, there is one item that women yearn to obtain, no matter how impractical it is. The coveted Hermes Birkin bag had a wait list of years. On a recent browse through eBay, the croc totes were getting nearly 30 grand at auction. I could buy countless pairs of obscenely expensive shoes for 30 grand! This past season's most wanted boots, Uggs, are on back order through July. Are you planning to wear sheepskin boots with a bikini? Last year, Nike's leather Air Rift (the two-toed cloven hoofed athletic shoe) rose to cult status. I know I didn't rest until I was galloping in a pair.

This spring, fashionistas are panting for the trench coat. Trenches may seem boring and trite to you, but you're wrong. You can indulge in coats made of textured fabrics like corduroy and velvet, as well as luxuries such as silk and suede. The cut of the newly improved trench is narrow and fitted. They come in luminous pastel colors with sweet and feminine prints. We are not talking about grandma's tan raincoat here.

Chanel updated its classic coat by trimming it in tweed and cropping it to just above the knee. Hugo Boss has added a silver lace print to the classic trench. But the coat I am lusting after is Jean Paul Gaultier's sexy python skin design. At an unmentionable price, forgive me if I sin.

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