Allnight April 22 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

Celebrating 10 at Eleven

Local production leaders Liquified celebrate a decade by kicking off a new Saturday biweekly Sat., April 24. Mixing dark airs and tribal percussion, frequent Sasha + Digweed stagemate JIMMY VAN M weaves moody progressive house. Australia's PHIL K can be equally ominous and hypnotic, but delves a touch more into tech-house with his tribal, and breakbeat with his bounce. Locals Numinous and Habersham, who release the supple nocturnal slink of Blueprint Recordings, also spin in the main room. Music in Eden (the patio) is smoothed-out abstract funk hosted by Beneath the Noise's DJ Rhythm and DJ Sky.

Eleven50, 1150-B Peachtree Road. 404-874-0428. www.eleven50.com. (Tony Ware)

Two of a lady's favorite things

Boutique, meet boo-tay, as the Mark, Carpe Denim Jeans and DJ Matt "Starboy" Silliman make ballers out of us all at the Denim & Diamonds Ball on Sat., April 24. Carpe Denim's jeans are a new cut-conscious unisexual line that will make you feel like Justin Timberlake, or at least Lance Bass. Starboy is a crowd-pleasing omni-sexual DJ, spraying the crowd with that pheromonal phunk that gets panties in a bunch no matter what jeans you're in. Together, diamonds in the rough make one hell of a setting.

The Mark, 79 Poplar St., 678-904-0050. www.themarkatlanta.com. (TW)

Half-asleep hijinks

All dressed up in dark Armani and sporting mind tricks like a Jedi, RICKY KALMON is the frikkin' black knight of your subconscious. A major player in the high stakes world of comedy hypnosis, Kalmon will hypnotize the crap out of you, and in your stupor you may do such wacky things as impersonate Gary Busey. And, oh, how the audience will laugh at you. But this isn't the sort of hypnosis where you figure out that your creepy Uncle Keith molested you in your vulnerable youth. Nay, this is the funny kind, you see? There's a difference. Kalmon performs at the Punchline Wed.-Sun., April 21-25.

Punchline. 280 Hilderbrand Drive, 404-252-LAFF. www.punchline.com.

(Andrew Stewart)

Any Excuse for a Ladies' Night

Thursday nights Dragonfly hosts a Carribean-themed ladies' night called Rendezvous, featuring the latest Caribbean, Soca and Calypso hits (so, like, Sean Paul and, um, more Sean Paul) and somebody called Mistress Boom-Bip. Ladies get $2 dollar martinis all the damn night long. Dragonfly. 67 12th St., 404-875-7473.