Perpetual motion

Change is an essential part of any band's durability, and for art-damaged post-punk extremists Electrosleep Int'l change is imminent. Since forming circa early '98, Electrosleep has harnessed a frenzied sonic clatter, pitting a whirlwind of samples and electronic textures against a scathing and lascivious guitar assault. The group's high-energy sound trundles between a tight, militaristic dirge and rapid-fire clusters of chaos. Drawing comparisons to such like-minded acts as Brainiac, Arab On Radar and Killing Joke, Electrosleep has maintained momentum by churning out live performances driven by an explosive sense of abandon. Though a few personnel changes have taken place, the group's character has remained unaffected. Vocalist Scott Rogers, guitarist/keyboardist Josh Fauver (Deerhunter, SIDS), guitarist Mike Keenan, bassist Sean Fitzgerald and drummer Jeph Burgoon (Airoes) make up the group's current lineup.

Over the years the group has maintained a following with its live shows, but aside from one 7-inch released on Ex-Space 6 Records in '99, no documentation of the group's sound exists. But this will soon change. In September, Stickfigure Records will release an Electrosleep retrospective CD covering the material the group had written up to 2004 when Burgoon joined the group.

A recording of the songs the group has been playing for more than five years may seem long overdue, but the release comes at a time when Electrosleep is moving in a different direction. "I hate when people say they're maturing, that usually means they're getting boring," Rogers laments. "We're adapting to the changes each one of us has gone through over the years. I guess that means we're maturing, but we're not losing any of the energy, just some of the screaming."

Electrosleep Int'l plays Lenny's Thurs., Sept. 2, at 9 p.m. $5.