Swinging Richards

Swinging Richards?
1400 Northside Drive?

Let's be honest: We all go to strip clubs for various levels of dirty compensation. In this venue, the songs sometimes grab as much attention as the erratic flailing of cute male strippers. According to DJ Matt, the sexy boys of Swinging Richards shake it to these top five moneymakers:

1) "Some Cut" - Trillville: "It's a really good move-it-along kind of song and it keeps the dancers pumped."

2) "Hate It or Love It" - the Game featuring 50 Cent: "It has an awesome beat and gets everyone on their feet."

3) "Nasty Girl" - Inaya Day: "It's a good old-school song from the 1980s, so lots of people know it."

4) "Un-Break My Heart (Fitch Brothers Mix)" - Toni Braxton: "This is one of our house remixes and it's really fast. The customers love it because everyone knows it."

5) "It's All Good (The Scumfrog Dub)" - Fantasia: "This is another house remix that we play a lot to keep the adrenaline rushing."??

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