Jimmy Cypher

Jimmy Cypher is a guitarist and producer for Cypher Cell, as well as a guitar instructor and clinician for Camp Jam, This House Rocks, Wave Tension and Attina’s Music. As described in CL’s very pages, Cypher’s fX sweep guitar and tribal percussion is a “conduit of cultural crossed wires ... an exercise in transcendence caught between Goa and the Mississippi Delta.” But when not ripping a solo, Cypher rips some MP3s to jam to, so here are some of his current favorite songs:

1) “Emotion” - Gurufish: “You love her, but you can’t have her; even if she loves you. No need to scare 7-11 clerks with your 40-round Uzi, just play this track repeatedly.”

2) “Angeline” - The Issues: “I kept betting people I could listen to this without singing along - and wound up losing lots of money.”

3) “Rayne” - Eden: “Damn, why can’t I write songs like these guys?”

4) “Sunrise” - Brass Knuckle Surfer: “Like watching the sun rise with your first cup of coffee ... on Saturn!”

5) “Motor City Queen” - The Hush: “Every time I tried to get in a great three-chord rock band like this, I was told to go play lots of notes, so I finally gave up ... and started playing lots of notes! Go figure.”??