Record Review - 3 September 05 2001

Where's Beverly Hills 90210 when you need it? The one-time Fox staple would've been the perfect home for L.A.-by-way-of-Boston band the Push Kings. After all, 90210 showcased the Flaming Lips, and when in Rome why not favor quirk and perk. The Push Kings have the kind of sunny disposition perfectly suited to teen crushes and smooches on the quad.

The Push Kings started as indie pop meets '60s bop. And on their latest, Feel No Fade, they've gone from poppy to outright peppy. Preppy, even. Setting off the cute-band alarm, the Push Kings are a young collegiate female's wet dream, slathering '70s lite rock, bubblegum pop and early '90s Top 40 power ballads over white-boy breakbeats and heartthrob hooks. Think solo Paul McCartney meets Mr. Big, or Sloan minus the edge.

Brandon and his perpetually teen pals may be gone, but as long as there are college students, the Push Kings' saccharine-sweet harmonies will fill the emptiness like the Freshman 15. They're the ones who want to be with you, baby — or at least they make you feel that way.

The Push Kings play MJQ Concourse Wed., Sept. 12.??