Arlo Guthrie With the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra

In Times Like These

There must be a special place in heaven for the children of iconic musicians, who can either stand in the shadows of their parents and do little to nurture their own identity, or escape the stigma of their name to define themselves as unique and valuable contributors to the world of music. Gratefully, it is fitting to hear Arlo Guthrie, son of one of America’s greatest folk singers, come into his own once again as he enters his 60s. Remembered mostly for his epic Vietnam War protest opus Alice’s Restaurant, Guthrie has never stopped creating new sounds and songs. This recording with a full symphony demonstrates the deep beauty of his work, simultaneously witty and emotional. From the sweet melancholy of “If You Would Just Drop By” to the anthemic “City of New Orleans,” Guthrie proves he is a master of his own world. 4 stars