Arthur Alexander

Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter

A cross-section of cult figures – John Lennon, Keith Richards, Nick Lowe, Ben Vaughn – have all been influenced by gifted Alabama-born soul singer Arthur Alexander at various times in their careers. Musician and archivist Vaughn even tracked the big man down and painstakingly produced what became the retired singer's final album in '93. Away from the business and driving a school bus for a living, the performer eagerly rose to the occasion and delivered a stunning comeback collection of songs on Lonely Just Like Me. Sadly, Alexander died shortly after the original disc was released, having finally received some long-overdue compensation and an impressive amount of critical acclaim. Final Chapter presents the complete original record, with some grand and gritty bonus tracks. There's even a batch of lively hotel-room jamming, preserved with all the immediate ambiance and easygoing Southern charm of his powerful studio efforts. 4 stars.