Bjorn Turoque (with Dan Cane)

To Air Is Human: One Man’s Quest to become the World’s Greatest Air Guitarist

To Air Is Human is for everyone who’s stood in front of the mirror pretending to be their favorite musician. The author, Björn Türoque (pronounced “to rock,” with umlauts inspired by Mötley Crüe), takes us behind the scenes of the surprisingly competitive world of international air-guitar contests from his first bout in New York City to the world championship in Finland. Türoque manages to convey how serious and simultaneously asinine the world of air-guitaring is by documenting the various, often ridiculous rules, and vividly describing his fellow competitors; he recalls each silly outfit worn and rock song played. But, in the end, it serves a good cause. As the philosophy of air guitar goes, “if one is busy playing the air guitar, he or she cannot simultaneously hold a gun, and therefore, air guitar will inevitably lead to world peace.” Amen brother, air-rock on. 5 stars