Black Moth Super Rainbow

Dandelion Gum

There is a grainy, Technicolor aesthetic wrapped around Black Moth Super Rainbow’s brand of DayGlo pop that shines brightly on Dandelion Gum. The pleasantly fuzzed-out electro qualities are sometimes misleading; electronics are only one of the album’s many layers, but never has this been more apparent. As the slow-motion melodies and damaged-Vocoder voice of “Forever Heavy” slips into the warm, acoustic strum of “Step into My Mouth and Breathe the Stardust,” the transition is mind-altering. The switch unveils a level of cognition with its minimal rhythms and maximized textures that BMSR had previously not attained. The Euro-techno blast of “Lost Picking Flowers in the Woods” is at once bouncy and cheesy while walking a line of dark psychedelic grooves. These elements meld seamlessly into a consistent pop form with Dandelion Gum that transcends kitsch and experimentation to coalesce into a truly colorful sound. 4 stars